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Our Fishing Shack - Policies

Code of Conduct

Our Fishing Shack was a member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). It is a requirement of membership that all tutors adhere to the ATA Code of Conduct which is available on the following link.  I still follow this code even though my membership of the ATA has lapsed.


Refund Policy

Our Fishing Shack will refund moneys paid in advance or book you into another session where your child cannot participate in a session for a legitimate reason and adequate notice (two days) is given.

For example, if your child is too sick to go to school, let me know in the morning and I can reschedule. However, if your child cannot make a session because they’d rather go and play with a friend this afternoon, money will not be refunded. As long as two days notice is given I am happy to reschedule.


Privacy Policy

All information about your child will remain confidential and available for your perusal. No information will be released to any third party without your prior written approval, unless warranted for child protection purposes.


Child Protection Policy

Our Fishing Shack operates under the principles of the Qld Child Protection Act, and as such follows strict guidelines as any school in Queensland. The tutor must hold a current Working with Children Blue Card. The tutor must notify any case of suspected child abuse to the relevant authorities. There will be no Skype contact with anyone but the tutor without prior written permission. If tutoring takes place at your place, a responsible adult must remain with or within hearing distance of the child at all times. No sessions will be conducted in children's bedrooms. Tutoring done at my house, happens in the middle of the house or outside, there is always another person close by and the child is never left alone with any other person.

A more detailed child protection policy is in the process of being written.

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