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0455 344 862

Tutoring - Prep to Yr 8



English Language Tuition for Adults and Children

IELTS Preparation

In person & via Zoom

Can you write a Story that's exactly 100 words?

Contact Leanne 0455 344 862 for login details.

New topics every term.

FREE for all students Year 3 to 8 to take part (don't have to attend paid tutoring)

NB.  Paid Tutoring sessions based on story writing skills available.


Leanne uses phonetics to teach children to read and to decipher new words. We ensure we know the meanings of words too.  We can use technology to read aloud.

Once a child can read, they can learn about the things that interest them independently.  Literacy is the greatest gift.

I will do my best to find a way that helps your child to reach the learning objective.

The kids that have attended tutoring sessions have had outstanding results at their respective schools and loved coming to do work with me. (One even came back in the holidays!!).  We have played educational maths games on the computer, completed homework, jumped on the trampoline and sang times tables, wrote spelling words on the concrete with chalk, wrote stories, did the Reading Eggs program, asked Siri the answer to maths questions, did comprehension activities and more. In 2017 we added Murb Maths and in 2018 we started using to consolidate the work being done in class. In 2020 we started using Fast Phonics and Mathseeds as well as the improved Reading Eggs activities and we also love Storyathon!  From 2nd term 2023, we can write stories and publish them as e-books, and I'm looking forward to seeing how creative the kids can be.

This is a game made at Intro to Coding using the Scratch Program. 

I can teach littlies (age 4 and up) to use Scratch Jr on their tablets. 

Learning is more effective when it's fun.

What our customers are saying

My child has gone from a level 8 to a level 11.

Thankyou Our Fishing Shack...Highly recommend.

And this happened in five weeks.

Suzanne Walker, St George Qld

Ben is so much more confident with reading now, and his teachers have noticed a big difference.

Trudy & Phil, St George Qld

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